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In October 2022, the team at Lexicon were delighted to announce that we merged with Endava. We want to share what this exciting new phase will mean for our valued customers, both current and future.

Helping you scale globally

Lexicon has always aspired to be a global business. "Our goal has always been to change the world through software," explains Founder and Managing Director Christopher Carydias.

Christopher Carydias speaking to an audience of employees at the Lexicon Endava merger event

“Joining the Endava family and bringing our capabilities, strategy and culture together provides the opportunity to accelerate this goal.”

In practice, this means Lexicon can help solve our client’s toughest challenges at scale. We will do this through a cross-functional arrangement of close-to-client and nearshore teams that operate in similar timezones.

"Endava brings that scale to Lexicon"

“In the past, some of our larger clients would have loved to do more business with us, however our scale limited our ability to do this without risking degradation to our service. Quality is a non-negotiable here,” says Christopher. “Endava brings that scale to Lexicon. They bring the IP about how to build these models globally that will complement and enhance Lexicon’s already exceptional software delivery capability.”

Joining the Endava family also enables Lexicon to provide clients with a more contextual service offering. Endava’s business is aligned into industry verticals and this allows us to bring experience that better aligns to the industries and people that we serve.

A perfect fit

Lexicon ultimately chose to partner with Endava due to the strong alignment between the two businesses and their approach to solving software challenges, along with Endava’s ability to accelerate our aspiration to become a global business. But what really stood out were the synergies between Lexicon and Endava’s core purpose, culture and values.

John Cotterell speaking at our Melbourne merger event.  The screen behind him reads 'We are excited'

"One of Endava’s key values is also trust, which is central to their organisation."

“At Lexicon, we talk about the importance of our key value – trust – and why it is fundamental to our people, clients and the community,” says Christopher. “One of Endava’s key values is also trust, which is central to their organisation.

Similarly, our respective purpose is shared; to enable our people to realise their potential and be the best they can be. Over time, all Lexicon team members will access a greater range of clients, projects, and disciplines. It’s an exciting time to be part of this growing team!”

Providing the same excellence in service and delivery at scale

What can our clients expect in the next 12 months? The strong alignment between Endava and Lexicon on capability, culture and strategy mean Lexicon will evolve into a scaled version of the company we have today.

Matt Cloke and John Cotterell with two Lexicon employees in the Melbourne office, smiling together

“This means our clients can be reassured that they will continue to receive the high level of service and delivery that we’ve always provided. Client success remains our core focus.”, says Christopher.

From established businesses to scale-ups and early-stage start-ups, we work with those wanting to make a difference in the way that they work and the impact they want to have on the world. Get in touch below to discuss how our partnership with Endava can help to change the world through software.

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