Accelerate your strategy to evolve, scale and deliver seamless digital transformation.

"Help us accelerate growth"

Lexicon provides the strategic guidance, design, engineering and delivery expertise to accelerate your growth. Whether you are modernising core platforms, enhancing digital experiences or revitalising your culture, we transform your vision into reality at speed.

"Help us scale with quality"

Accelerated growth should never mean compromising on quality. Lexicon's agile, cross-functional, self-managing teams rapidly deliver your key business outcomes and build you the foundations to scale with predictability and quality.

Our Accelerate process

Our end to end services

At every phase of our service offering, Lexicon employs rapid platform acceleration techniques and Accelerate squads to drive performance.

Rapid platform acceleration

Two Lexicon architects

We leverage cutting-edge technology and Agile delivery practices to transform legacy platforms. Benefits include better performance, lower cost, improved user experience and scalability.

3 - 6 months

What we'll do

  • Technology assessment
  • Architecture design
  • Future-proofing
  • Milestone planning
  • Benefits evaluation

Accelerate Squad

Lexicon employee squad in a design jam

Lexicon's autonomous, cross-functional Accelerate squads have the design, delivery, analysis and engineering know-how to bring your project to market at speed.

3 - 6 months

What we'll do

  • Rapid-start inception
  • Predictable delivery of working software
  • Continuous Design & Delivery

Our phased services

Three Lexicon developers collaborating to solve a problem.

Digital strategy acceleration

Determining your current state and identifying the digital capabilities needed to reach your goals. Enabling accelerated transformation across Product, Technology, Operations and Culture.

2 - 4 weeks

What we'll do

  • Digital capability assessment
  • Customer, product, delivery and technology strategy
  • Capability vision and roadmap
  • Delivery enablement strategy

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